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Patch V1.81

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 05:03 PM

It might seem a bit unexpected for us to add a new Adventurer's Plains, as it wasn't that long ago since we released a new one. Based on feedback from players about improving the tutorial and beginner experience, we decided to throw away the previous Adventurer's Plains and implement a better version. After all a player's first impression is important and they will have an unique first experience.
Our new Adventurer's Plains is based on the classic iRose map that had been altered in Evolution, with our own changes and additions.
We also used it as an opportunity to do a test of our new custom lighting and shadow design on the map, which we'll be using on future maps.

Client Build: R302 (Feb 29 2012)
Game Data Version: 81
  • Valentine Event has ended
  • New Adventurer's Plains
    • New map based on the original iRose Adventurer's Plains layout.
    • Birth Island has been removed from the game. Players now start at Adventurer's Plains. Any existing characters at Birth Island will automatically be teleported to Adventurer's Plains upon entering the game
    • The map features many new objects and landmark changes such as a new farm and village by the exit to the Valley of Luxem Tower. The starting town is new and the entrance to Goblin Cave is in a new location.
    • Added new story and world introduction dialog when speaking to Arua's Fairy for the first time
    • A new 9-part quest line starting from Mairard that takes the player across the map.
    • New NPCs such as guide Bert, who provides useful information outside the starting village and Port, a NPC originally cut from the game with new dialog.
    • Added a number of new tutorial and help information pop ups
    • Added additional dialog to various NPCs to provide information on jobs and services such as item repairing and appraisal
    • Uses our new custom light and shadow design
    • We've removed some quests from the previous Adventurer's Plains such as Lost Children. We will add some of these quests back on other maps later. Quests which have been removed have had their quest descriptions changed and we recommend you cancel quests if it tells you to.
    • We've hidden 2 secrets on the map for explorers to find. We hope you find them funny!
    • The quests required for the 'Little Helper' achievement have been changed.
  • We've removed one of the Quest Status Icons we were using to make things simpler:
    • Green icon above NPC's head means the NPC has a quest available for you.
    • Red icon above NPC's head means the NPC advances or completes a current quest
  • Fixed Quest Status Icon not displaying correctly above Eva under certain conditions
  • Fixed Quest Status Icon not displaying above Jones when completed 'Mana Engine Begotten: Devil Pest' quest
  • Fixed Quest Notification pop-up being incorrect for 'An Errand for Sicru' quests
  • Increased the Clan member limit for the following Clan Grades:
    • Grade 4: 40
    • Grade 5: 55
  • Fixed an issue with opening storage which could cause a player's stats and HP to appear incorrect until they restarted the client
  • Fixed the first letter of a chat message sometimes not being registered
  • Players can now use and interact with 'friendchat' when dead. Previously you couldn't move the window or type in there whilst dead.
  • Fixed player animation being incorrect when attacking in a Castle Gear
  • Changed the casting animation of 'Swift Blessing'
  • Removed the 'Luna Planet' requirement from all snowmobile parts
  • Changed the name of [Designer] Milla to [Appearance Changer] Milla
  • Added item data for the next coupon code
  • The 'Mutated Abomination' boss will now always have a chance to drop a purple item. Previously for some fights the boss would remove the purple items from its drop table. This meant sometimes you'd never have a chance of obtaining a purple item for a particular fight.
  • Fixed the 'Mutated Abomination' very rarely resetting incorrectly during Phase 4 of its encounter.
  • Fixed 'Poisoned Fleshlashers' damage not showing on players
  • Fixed players being able to stand still in certain spots to avoid the Poison Walls during Phase 4 of the 'Mutated Abomination' encounter
  • Fixed a bypass of the encounter Warp at Eldeon Clan field
  • Fixed the skull warnings sometimes not showing when the Poison Wall starts on the left side during Phase 4 of the 'Mutated Abomination' encounter
  • The skull warnings on the left side now light up in the same manner as the skulls on the right side during Phase 4 of the 'Mutated Abomination' encounter

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24 Jun 2009 - 23 Jan 2014

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